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preventative products

Prevention is more than half the battle.

Sneeze Guards

  • NP1029.90
    Complete Kit: Includes (2) pre-assembled aluminum legs, (4) hammerhead bolts, and (1) 36" H X 30" W x ¼" Thick acrylic panel with flame polished edges and pre-drilled mounting holes. You mount the plexi at your desired elevation providing access underneath if required for moving product or interaction with customers.
  • NP1030.01
    Legs and Hardware Only: Includes (2) metal legs and (4) hammer head screws. You provide the plexi panel.

    Info Columns

    • OCTALumina LED Lightbox:

      • 2444mm H x 1000mm W with Qty.
      • (2) Baseplates. LED lights pre-mounted one side with all wiring dressed.
      • Power management hole in bottom horizontal.
      • * Does Not include SEG Silicone Edge Graphics but can be purchase for an additional cost.

      Mobile Folding Walls

      • Includes:

        • Posts, beams, casters, and white panels.
        • We have 3 options PVC, ACM panel or NO Panels.
        • Overall standard dimensions are 98" (8'-2") Total Width X 73.4" (6.1') Total Height.

        Hand Sanitizing Station

        • Includes:

          • * ¼" Thick Powder Coated Steel Baseplate is the foundation for unit's overall stability.
          • * M1220 80mm Diameter Upright provides solid support for product and signage.
          • * Highly visible signage (blank provided) included for easy identification.
          • * Mounting system is designed for varying sizes of Hand Sanitizing Lotion or other products you provide.
          • * Height of product can vary based on area requirements.

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